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Daily Friends of the Library Book Sale
In the back of the Library are shelves of books that have been discarded from the collection and are available for purchase at bargain prices. The selection changes often, so be sure to take a look every time you visit.

Monetary Donations
The Library accepts monetary donations as well as gifts of books, music and movies. These gifts can be given in memory of a loved one who has passed away or to honor a special occasion, such as an anniversary.  Contact Jeff Rothweiler, Director/Fiscal Officer, at 740-927-9986 if you have questions about monetary gifts. 

Join the Friends of the Library 
The Friends of Pataskala Public Library was organized as an association of persons interested in increasing, improving, and making better known the resources of the Pataskala Public Library. The Friends organize and run the book sales, contribute funds for new equipment, plan social events, and provide funding for the Summer Reading Programs. 

A number of opportunities exist for donating your time and service to the Library. Contact Rita Flesch, Volunteer Coordinator, at 740-927-9986 for more information about volunteering. 

Buy on Amazon
Use this link when you buy on, and help the Library at no cost to you. The library receives a percentage of the sales from your purchases whenever you use the link. It's a free and easy way to earn extra money for the Library! (Please note, outside of the special web address, the Amazon page will not indicate that you are on a special page that helps the Library.)

Materials Donations​
Pataskala Public Library welcomes gifts of books and other materials with the understanding that for such gifts to be added to the Library’s collection, they must meet the same standards required of purchased materials as set forth in the Library’s Collection Development Policy.

In most cases, usable library materials that the Library does not add to its collection are offered to the Friends of the Pataskala Public Library for books sales. Money raised by the Friends from their book sales is used to benefit the Library and its programs.

Because of limitations of space and staff, the library does reserve the right to accept or discard, at its discretion, any donated materials.

Exceptions can be made by library staff at his or her discretion. If an exception is made the materials may be given to other institutions, sold in book sales, or disposed of in accordance with Library guidelines. All donations become the exclusive property of Pataskala Public Library.

  • All material must be in like-new or at most gently-used condition.
  • Generally, nonfiction or informational books should be no more than 5 years old to avoid providing outdated or inaccurate information to patrons; some topics, like technology or medical information must be newer than 3 years old.
  • Items that are NOT accepted:
    • Magazines older than 5 years
    • Encyclopedias
    • Textbooks
    • Video cassette tapes
    • Music cassette tapes
    • Record albums
    • Damaged items, such as those with torn, yellowed, water-damaged, mildewed, or marked pages; or broken bindings or stained covers.

Upon request, Pataskala Public Library will provide a receipt for your gift, but the Library will not assess the value of a donation for tax purposes.

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